7755 - Diesel Heavy Shunting Locomotive

164 pieces, 1 minifig

booklet, 12 pages
21.0 x 29.7 cm (A4)

12V Locomotive
from 8 years

In 1983, LEGO introduced a second wave of sets for the train system, replacing some sets from the first wave. Like the first wave in 1980, this second wave came with single locomotive sets. Or actually, it contained just 1 such set: 7755.


From 1980 to 1982, two 12V locomotive sets were available (7750 and 7760). In 1983, both were replaced by this single model. It's a modern styled diesel engine, without any fancy gadgets. Its design is symmetrical and straightforward, but Lego did not forget to include some details like ladders and lights dummies.

The locomotive again uses the 6x28 train base plate, and has an unusual bogie design that mimics a ladder underneath the train at the four corners. The use of shutters around the engine is effective at breaking up an otherwise plain red mass, and this is where this model definitely scores over 7760 – for when you open the shutters up, little brick-built engine units sit behind each of them[1].

After a short period of only two years of selling, it vanished without being replaced. It was the last single locomotive set of the grey era, and LEGO made a new attempt only in 1991 with 9v set 4551.


The B-model of 7755 is very similar to the A-model, with one side opened up to allow for some working space.

based with kind permission on a series of reviews by Christian Andersch; revisions, editing and additional research by Fouke Boss.


Male with button shirt

Sticker sheets

10.3 x 6.4 cm

Packaging (3D scan)

The plastic cover of the inlay somehow looks like a steam engine with 3 big wheels.

click to view the 3D scan

slide-out cardboard inner box with plastic inlays, flip-open lid

37.7 x 18.8 x 5.4 cm

162678: UK/F/NL

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